Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the athletic department offices located?
Most coaches and staff members are located in the Bob Martinez Athletics Center. Located on North Boulevard across from Pepin Stadium. Drive on 275 to downtown Tampa and take exit 25, downtown west/Ashley Street. The exit loops you into downtown where you'll come to an intersection. Turn right on Tyler Street, which runs past the Performing Arts Center and merges with Cass Street before coming to a bridge. Cross the bridge, go through a crosswalk light to the next intersection that is North Boulevard. Turn left and you'll see our parking lot and then the Sports Center.
When is the best time to reach a coach?
Usually the morning hours from 9 a.m. until noon, most coaches and staff are in their offices. Most practices begin at 3 p.m. when coaches are no longer available to see visitors.
Are athletic scholarships available?
Yes. Many additional scholarship dollars are available through academic, government and private sources that are used to create a total scholarship package. Coaches will develop a scholarship package from available sources.
How do I become a recruited student/athlete?
Send videotape with relevant information such as rosters and stats along with newspaper clippings, letters of recommendation from current coaches and documents of academic standing to your selected UT coach. If your candidacy fills a need, you'll be contacted. Do not expect your materials to be returned. Coaches view hundreds of tapes from interested prospects each year.
Can I try out for a team if I am not a recruited student/athlete?
This differs by team as prospective student-athletes should reach out to the coaching staff by their senior year in high school at the latest regarding the opportunity to join the program as a walk-on. Students with recreational experience in sports should consider the University's recreation and intramural program.
How much time should I schedule for intercollegiate athletics?
The Spartans are members of the Sunshine State Conference and NCAA Division II. Spartan teams compete for conference and national honors, and thus play a competitive Division II schedule in each sport. All SSC schools are private universities located in Florida, which require little travel or time away from school. Most teams make at least one trip to another region each season. Most teams play a traditional schedule and have a non-traditional workout schedule in the opposite semester. So be prepared to make athletics a commitment second only to academic progress during much of your school year.
How should I schedule classes?
Most Spartan teams practice in the 3-6 p.m. block although there are exceptions due to one-time offered labs and other academic conflicts. Incoming freshmen are usually scheduled by advisors to fit the specific sport practice times. You should inform your advisor that you are planning to compete in varsity athletics. UT coaches are aware that some academic scheduling conflicts can't be helped.
Will I be assigned housing with other athletes?
By NCAA rule, there are no residences for athletes only. You should apply for student housing under UT's normal process. Your UT coach can provide specific requests you should make in housing.
What kind of medical care can I expect?
Varsity student/athletes are eligible for care through the University's sports medicine program. UT has certified athletic trainers for all athletic teams and an academic program in sports medicine. Athletic trainers staff all practices and contests. UT's sports medicine program includes contact with doctors, surgeons, and any necessary medical specialists and includes rehabilitation programs. UT athletics carries insurance on student/athletes for event-related injury, but the insurance company will look to home coverage first.
How can my friends and relatives keep up with my Spartan team?
This website has a results/highlights section that is updated daily. Also, the Tampa Bay Times and UT’s own Minaret cover Spartan teams. Finally, student/athletes are asked by the athletic communications office to submit the name of their hometown newspaper(s) so we can report on your progress.
Thanks and good luck!