Since 1952, the College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA) have honored student/athletes for academic as well as athletic achievement with the creation of the CoSIDA Academic All-America teams. Capital One sponsors the awards in partnership with CoSIDA.

To be eligible, a student/athlete must be in his/her second year of residence at the institution, must be a starter or important substitute and must maintain a 3.2 cumulative grade point average.

Student/athletes meeting these criteria are then nominated by each school’s sports information director (SID). SIDs within a region vote and select a CoSIDA Academic All-Region team. Those student/athletes’ names are then placed on the All-America ballot, which is voted on by all college member SIDs across the country.

University of Tampa Academic All-Americans

Jorgen Adolfsson full bio Jorgen Adolfsson Sport: Men's Soccer Years: 1991-3rd
Lars Benner full bio Lars Benner Sport: Men's Cross Country/Track Years: 2017-2nd
Lisa Bero full bio Lisa Bero Sport: Women's Swimming Years: 2014-3rd
Karl Burdis full bio Karl Burdis Sport: Men's Swimming Years: 2014-3rd
Meagan Burke full bio Meagan Burke Sport: Softball Years: 2014-3rd
Meagan Burke full bio Meagan Burke Sport: Volleyball Years: 2013-3rd, 2014-2nd
Melissa Ciesielski full bio Melissa Ciesielski Sport: Rowing Years: 2013-3rd
Vin Cosenzo full bio Vin Cosenzo Sport: Baseball Years: 2016-1st, 2017-1st
Kayla Cox full bio Kayla Cox Sport: Softball Years: 2013-3rd, 2014-1st
Penny Dickos full bio Penny Dickos Sport: Women's Basketball Years: 1985-2nd, 1986-1st, 1987-1st
David Dion full bio David Dion Sport: Baseball Years: 1994-2nd
Eva Dupay full bio Eva Dupay Sport: Volleyball Years: 2011-3rd
Kent Engstrom full bio Kent Engstrom Sport: Men's Soccer Years: 1987-3rd
Emily Eshoo full bio Emily Eshoo Sport: Women's Basketball Years: 2019-3rd
Michael Farrell full bio Michael Farrell Sport: Baseball Years: 1983-3rd
Nick Ferreiro full bio Nick Ferreiro Sport: Men's Lacrosse Years: 2015-3rd
Cathy Fox full bio Cathy Fox Sport: Volleyball Years: 1986-1st
Cathy Fox full bio Cathy Fox Sport: Women's Basketball Years: 1986-2nd, 1987-1st
Niklas Fredriksson full bio Niklas Fredriksson Sport: Men's Soccer Years: 1993-3rd
Alexandria Greenhill full bio Alexandria Greenhill Sport: Women's Swimming Years: 2013-2nd
Christian Gregory full bio Christian Gregory Sport: Men's Swimming Years: 1987-2nd
Ryan Griffin full bio Ryan Griffin Sport: Men's Soccer Years: 2011-1st
Camille Hanks full bio Camille Hanks Sport: Volleyball Years: 2011-2nd
Beate Jaeckel full bio Beate Jaeckel Sport: Women's Soccer Years: 2014-3rd
Kristine Kassl full bio Kristine Kassl Sport: Women's Swimming Years: 2013-3rd
Jeff Leonard full bio Jeff Leonard Sport: Men's Golf Years: 1985-3rd, 1987-3rd
Julia Lockridge full bio Julia Lockridge Sport: Women's Cross Country/Track Years: 2019-3rd
Allison Macsas full bio Allison Macsas Sport: Women's Cross Country Years: 2005-1st
Steve Mauldin full bio Steve Mauldin Sport: Baseball Years: 1988-3rd, 1989-1st, 1990-2nd
Preston Packrall full bio Preston Packrall Sport: Baseball Years: 2014-2nd
Roger Palm full bio Roger Palm Sport: Men's Soccer Years: 1998-3rd
Kahley Patrick full bio Kahley Patrick Sport: Volleyball Years: 2014-3rd
Courtney Peffley full bio Courtney Peffley Sport: Women's Soccer Years: 2012-2nd
Erin Plachy full bio Erin Plachy Sport: Women's Swimming Years: 2015-3rd
Holly Reschke full bio Holly Reschke Sport: Volleyball Years: 2013-2nd
Chris Rosenbaum full bio Chris Rosenbaum Sport: Baseball Years: 2007-1st
Jeff Sargent full bio Jeff Sargent Sport: Men's Cross Country Years: 1995-3rd
Donna Schroeder full bio Donna Schroeder Sport: Volleyball Years: 1986-3rd
Zach Schuster full bio Zach Schuster Sport: Men's Golf Years: 2016-3rd
Margeaux Sinibaldi full bio Margeaux Sinibaldi Sport: Volleyball Years: 2007-3rd
Brian Ussery full bio Brian Ussery Sport: Baseball Years: 1994-3rd
Berkley Whaley full bio Berkley Whaley Sport: Volleyball Years: 2014-1st, 2015-1st
Conor Whipple full bio Conor Whipple Sport: Men's Lacrosse Years: 2017-2nd
Susanne Wolmesjo full bio Susanne Wolmesjo Sport: Volleyball Years: 1988-2nd

* - In 2015, Berkley Whaley was also named the Academic All-American of the Year for volleyball.

UT also has a number of student-athletes, who have been honored through their respective coaches associations. Following is a list of those academic recipients.

Women's Lacrosse (IWLCA) - Hannah Bush, Gianna Colombo, Abigail Hope, Lauren McNeill, Lizzie Pierpont, Genie Santarpio, Alexa Scudillo, Erin Sistek, Bridget Sutter, Samantha Van Buren

Softball (NFCA All-America Scholar-Athlete)  - Stephanie Balmer, Cristina Clauberg, Kate DeSimone, Lauren Fantone, Maddie Farrell, Devin Hammonds, Miranda Perez, Abigail Siegel

Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans) – Thomas Clark (HM), Jared Fitzgerald (HM), Mikael Haugen (HM), Andreas Johnsen (HM), Angelo Russo, Grant Ruster (HM), Marvin Slanschek (HM)

Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans) – Megan Goldthorpe, Lindsey Grater, Katie Horan, Paige Hunt, Johanna Koether, Jessie Tobin, Alexa Turco (HM), Hana van Loock, Kristen Wagner (HM), Lara Wiedemann

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans, 8) – Mikael Haugen, Brett Saunders, Austin Simpson, Christy Moon (HM), Syd Odent (HM), Dominic Russo (HM), Grant Ruster (HM), Marvin Slanschek (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans, 15) – Julia Augustsson, Elizaveta Bazarova, Megan Goldthorpe, Lindsey Grater, Anja Oca, Molly O'Hara, Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty, Courtney Sherwood, Jessie Tobin, Hana Van Loock, Juliana Carey (HM), Erin Hixenbaugh (HM), Madi Lauger (HM), Alli McFarland, (HM), Alexa Turco (HM)
Tennis (ITA Scholar All-American) - Dakota Busch, Ekaterina Grib, Vanina Iordanova, Nicoline Palmgren, Giulia Tatini

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss, Kiira Riihijarvi
Women's Lacrosse (IWLCA) - Allie Popelar (Division II Scholar-Athlete of the Year)

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss, Kiira Riihijarvi, Jess Wild
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marc Caron, Daniel Jacob, Victor Philaire, Brett Saunders
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Brittany Bayes, Katie Bayes, Ali Lombardi (honorable mention), Emily Pfeifer (honorable mention), McKenzie Street, Hana van Loock, Megan Waddell

Men's Lacrosse (USILA Scholar All-American) - Marty Heyn, Conor Whipple
Women's Lacrosse (IWLCA Honor Roll) - Jaime Austin, Amanda Rom, Shannon Sweeney
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marc-Olivier Caron, Martin Hammer, Tommy Reminger, Brett Saunders Nicholas Stoski, Mauricio Calderon (HR), Tomas Manso-Fraga (HM), Victor Philaire (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marisa Barton, Brittany Bayes, Catherine Bayes, Victoria Horsman, McKenzie Street, Megan Waddell, Allison Chandler (HM), Courtney Markle (HM)

Men's Lacrosse (USILA Scholar All-American) - Matt Bilak
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Khalid Aldaboos, Runar Borgen, Jeremy Parker, Victor Philaire (HM), Tommy Reminger (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Makayla Ayers, Brittany Bayes
Tennis (ITA All-Academic) - Danielle Beyes, Lauriane Cardot, Gianna Pinasco 

Men’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Lars Benner, Tyler Blackburn, Matt Hoffman, Cory Munsch
Women’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Danielle Kissel, Aislinn Sroczynski, Kayla Sullivan
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans) – Jeremy Parker, Victor Philaire, Zane Hranac, Clayton Clemens (honorable mention), Danny Duhig (honorable mention), Kyle Freudiger (honorable mention), Tommy Reminger (honorable mention)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Allison Chandler, Briana Murphy, Erin Plachy, Emily Grams (honorable mention), Jesse North (honorable mention)
Tennis (ITA All-Academic) - Kelsey Matthews, Jenelle Morgan, Cameron Moskol, Viviana Tedino 

Men’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Lars Benner, Steven Dennig, Jessie Boria, Michael Zwijacz, Matt Hoffman
Women’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Danielle Kissel, Vanessa Righeimer, Ronni Mercier
Men’s Swimming – Jordan Augier (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Karl Burdis (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Philip Nordenberg (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Jeremy Parker (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Damen Pfeiffer (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Scott Nocco (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American)
Women’s Swimming – Alex Hipolito (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Erin Plachy (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Lisa Bero (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American), Emily Grams (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American), Allison Noe (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American)
Tennis (ITA Scholar-Athlete) - Thashia Garcia, Kelsey Matthews, Katherine Pyne, Viviana Tedino, Meg Wladimirski

Women’s Soccer – Courtney Peffley (NSCAA Scholar All-Region second team)
Swimming - Alexandria Greenhill (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Alex Hipolito (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Kristine Kassl (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Erin Plachy (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Karl Burdis (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Felipe Manzo (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Josh Werner (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Emily Grams (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Briana Murphy (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Jordan Augier (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Max Coulls (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Scott Nocco (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American)

Men’s Cross Country – Chris Rego (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Charles Toledo (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michael Zwijacz (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Women’s Cross Country – Rose Bishop (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jess Butler (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Katie O’Brien (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Softball - Katie Bannon, Kayleen Boatwright, Chelsey Brooks, Meagan Burke, Stacy Piagno, Brie Walton

Men’s Cross Country – Kevin Lane (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jeremy Lautzenheiser (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Lewis Price (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Women’s Cross Country – Lindsay Edwards (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kelly Hagan (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Men’s Soccer – Ryan Griffin (NSCAA Scholar All-Region first team), Karl Swan (NSCAA Scholar All-Region second team)

Men's Cross Country - Steve Cain (USTFCCA All-Academic), Chris Catanach (USTFCCA All-Academic), Lewis Price (USTFCCA All-Academic)
Women's Cross Country - Jess Butler (USTFCCA All-Academic), Alysha Duffy (USTFCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCA All-Academic), Sarah Nelson (USTFCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCA All-Academic), Paige Williams (USTFCCA All-Academic)
Track – Jess Butler (USTFCCCA All-Academic)

Cross Country – Alysha Duffy (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jessica Forrester (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michelle Gabrielle (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Sarah Nelson (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kevin Lane (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jeremy Lautzenheiser (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Men’s Soccer – Ryan Maxwell (NSCAA Scholar All-America)
Swimming - Roman Dagesh (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Tyler Furrer (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Patrick Murray (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Michael Verdi (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Stephanie Branham (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Dana Glodek (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Hannah Hudson (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Jennifer Jenkins (CSCAA Scholar All-American)

Cross Country - Laura Woznicki (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Paige Williams (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jessica Forrester (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Alysha Duffy (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Julia Vola (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michelle Gabrielle (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Chris Catanach (USTFCCCA All-Academic)

Cross Country - Kimberly Dunker (USTFCCA All-Academic), Erin Heeder (USTFCCA All-Academic), Allison Macsas (USTFCCA All-Academic), Laura Woznicki (USTFCCA All-Academic)