Iron Spartan Award

This award recognizes the student-athlete who demonstrates intensity, focus, leadership, positive attitude and has shown improved athletic performance due to their consistency in the weight room. The areas that are noted, but not limited to, include using the weight room as a means to improve on-court/field performance, observed improvements in strength/explosiveness as an athlete and setting the tone/promoting the weight room to the team.

Male Iron Spartan

2018-19 - Stevie Mangrum, Baseball
2019-20 - Jake Richards, Soccer
2020-21 - Jordan Leasure, Baseball
2021-22 - Mikael Haugen, Swimming

Female Iron Spartan

2018-19 - Julia Ingram, Basketball
2019-20 - Corynn Miner, Softball
2020-21 - Megan Bromwell, Soccer
2021-22 - Tatiana Gutierrez, Beach Volleyball; Mya Giusto, Women's Basketball