Sunshine State Conference Hall of Fame

The Sunshine State Conference Hall of Fame was founded in 1991 to honor those who made outstanding contributions to the conference. Its purpose is to perpetuate the memory of those who brought distinction, honor, and excellence to the Sunshine State Conference. A total of 37 individuals currently represent The University of Tampa in the league’s Hall of Fame.

Class of 2022-23
Jarrett Slaven, Cross Country Coach

Class of 2017-18
Shannon Aitken, Women's Soccer

Class of 2015-16
Eric Beattie, Baseball 

Class of 2012-13
Elias Gonzales, Cross Country
Malana Winskas, Women's Soccer

Class of 2011-12
Allison Macsas, Cross Country
Ronnie Merrill, Jr., Baseball

Class of 2010-11
Idris Mays, Men’s Basketball

Class of 2008-09
Gary Graham, Baseball
April Lindsey, Women’s Basketball
Ginger Lynn, Women’s Soccer
Chuck Winship, Golf Coach

Class of 2007-08
Shannon Abarbanel, Softball
Crystal Ashley, Women’s Basketball
Bryan Williams, Men’s Basketball
Keith Fulk, Men’s Soccer Coach

Class of 2006-07
Dawn Rawlins, Volleyball
Jay Miller, Men’s Soccer Coach

Class of 2005-06
Danielle Faggion, Volleyball
Terry Rupp, Baseball Coach
Ozzie Timmons, Baseball

Class of 2004-05
Ulf Lilius, Men’s Soccer
Mike Valdes, Baseball

Class of 2003-04
Henrik Nebrelius, Men’s Soccer
Paul Russo, Baseball

Class of 2002-03
Justin Throneburg, Men’s Soccer

Class of 2001-02
Adrian Bush, Men’s Soccer

Class of 2000-01
DeCarlo Deveaux, Men’s Basketball

Class of 1999-2000
Sam Militello, Baseball
Hindman Wall, Athletic Director

Class of 1998-99
Kim Dix, Volleyball/Basketball
Tom Fitzgerald, Men’s Soccer Coach

Class of 1997-98
Tino Martinez, Baseball

Class of 1996-97
Bob Birrenkott, Athletic Director

Class of 1995-96
Lelo Prado, Baseball Coach

Class of 1994-95
Jeff Leonard, Golf

Class of 1993-94
Chris Catanach, Volleyball Coach