Academic All-Americans

Since 1952, the College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA) have honored student/athletes for academic as well as athletic achievement with the creation of the CoSIDA Academic All-America teams. Capital One sponsors the awards in partnership with CoSIDA.

To be eligible, a student/athlete must be in his/her second year of residence at the institution, must be a starter or important substitute and must maintain a 3.2 cumulative grade point average.

Student/athletes meeting these criteria are then nominated by each school’s sports information director (SID). SIDs within a region vote and select a CoSIDA Academic All-Region team. Those student/athletes’ names are then placed on the All-America ballot, which is voted on by all college member SIDs across the country.

Name Sport Position Team Year
Michael Farrell Baseball Third Base 2nd 1983
Jeff Leonard Men's At-Large Golf 3rd 1985
Penny Dickos Women's Basketball Guard 2nd 1985
Cathy Fox Volleyball Setter 1st 1986
Donna Schroeder Volleyball Hitter 3rd 1986
Cathy Fox Women's Basketball Forward 2nd 1986
Penny Dickos Women's Basketball Guard 1st 1986
Christian Gregory Men's At-Large Swimming 2nd 1987
Jeff Leonard Men's At-Large Golf 3rd 1987
Kent Engstrom Men's At-Large Soccer 3rd 1987
Cathy Fox Women's Basketball Forward 1st 1987
Penny Dickos Women's Basketball Forward 1st 1987
Steve Mauldin Baseball Outfield 3rd 1988
Susanne Wolmesjo Volleyball Hitter 2nd 1988
Steve Mauldin Baseball Outfield 1st 1989
Steve Mauldin Baseball Outfield 2nd 1990
Jorgen Adolfsson Men's At-Large Soccer 3rd 1991
Niklas Fredriksson Men's At-Large Soccer 3rd 1993
David Dion Baseball Outfield 2nd 1994
Brian Ussery Baseball Catcher 3rd 1994
Jeff Sargent Men's At-Large Cross Country 3rd 1995
Roger Palm Men's At-Large Soccer 3rd 1998
Allison Macsas Women's At-Large Cross Country 1st 2005
Chris Rosenbaum Baseball Catcher 1st 2007
Margeaux Sinibaldi Volleyball Libero 3rd 2007
Ryan Griffin Men's Soccer Soccer 1st 2011
Eva Dupay Volleyball Outside Hitter 3rd 2011
Camille Hanks Volleyball Middle Hitter 2nd 2011
Courtney Peffley Women's Soccer Defender 2nd 2012
Melissa Ciesielski Women's At-Large Rowing 3rd 2013
Kayla Cox Softball Pitcher 3rd 2013
Alexandria Greenhill Women's At-Large Swimming 2nd 2013
Kristine Kassl Women's At-Large Swimming 3rd 2013
Holly Reschke Volleyball Outside Hitter 2nd 2013
Meagan Burke Volleyball Middle Blocker 3rd 2013
Preston Packrall Baseball Pitcher 2nd 2014
Kayla Cox Softball Pitcher 1st 2014
Meagan Burke Softball First Base 3rd 2014
Karl Burdis Men's At-Large Swimming 3rd 2014
Lisa Bero Women's At-Large Swimming 3rd 2014
Beate Jaeckel Women's Soccer Defender 3rd 2014
Meagan Burke Volleyball Middle Hitter 2nd 2014
Kahley Patrick Volleyball Setter 3rd 2014
Berkley Whaley Volleyball Outside Hitter 1st 2014
Nick Ferreiro Men's At-Large Lacrosse 3rd 2015
Erin Plachy Women's At-Large Swimming 3rd 2015
Berkley Whaley* Volleyball Outside Hitter 1st 2015
Vin Cosenzo Baseball Outfielder 1st 2016
Zach Schuster Men's Golf Golf 3rd 2016
Vin Cosenzo Baseball Designated Hitter 1st 2017
Conor Whipple Men's At-Large Lacrosse 2nd 2017
Lars Benner Men's Cross Country/Track Cross Country 2nd 2017
Emily Eshoo Women's Basketball Women's Basketball 3rd 2019
Julia Lockridge Women's Cross Country/Track Cross Country 3rd 2019

* - Also named Academic All-American of the Year for designated sport.

UT also has a number of student-athletes, who have been honored through their respective coaches associations. Following is a list of those academic recipients.

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans, 8) – Mikael Haugen, Brett Saunders, Austin Simpson, Christy Moon (HM), Syd Odent (HM), Dominic Russo (HM), Grant Ruster (HM), Marvin Slanschek (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans, 15) – Julia Augustsson, Elizaveta Bazarova, Megan Goldthorpe, Lindsey Grater, Anja Oca, Molly O'Hara, Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty, Courtney Sherwood, Jessie Tobin, Hana Van Loock, Juliana Carey (HM), Erin Hixenbaugh (HM), Madi Lauger (HM), Alli McFarland, (HM), Alexa Turco (HM)

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss, Kiira Riihijarvi
Women's Lacrosse (IWLCA) - Allie Popelar (Division II Scholar-Athlete of the Year)

Women's Golf (WGCA Scholar All-America) - Sofia Cadavid, Heather Kipniss, Kiira Riihijarvi, Jess Wild
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marc Caron, Daniel Jacob, Victor Philaire, Brett Saunders
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Brittany Bayes, Katie Bayes, Ali Lombardi (honorable mention), Emily Pfeifer (honorable mention), McKenzie Street, Hana van Loock, Megan Waddell

Men's Lacrosse (USILA Scholar All-American) - Marty Heyn, Conor Whipple
Women's Lacrosse (IWLCA Honor Roll) - Jaime Austin, Amanda Rom, Shannon Sweeney
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marc-Olivier Caron, Martin Hammer, Tommy Reminger, Brett Saunders Nicholas Stoski, Mauricio Calderon (HR), Tomas Manso-Fraga (HM), Victor Philaire (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Marisa Barton, Brittany Bayes, Catherine Bayes, Victoria Horsman, McKenzie Street, Megan Waddell, Allison Chandler (HM), Courtney Markle (HM)

Men's Lacrosse (USILA Scholar All-American) - Matt Bilak
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Khalid Aldaboos, Runar Borgen, Jeremy Parker, Victor Philaire (HM), Tommy Reminger (HM)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Makayla Ayers, Brittany Bayes
Tennis (ITA All-Academic) - Danielle Beyes, Lauriane Cardot, Gianna Pinasco 

Men’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Lars Benner, Tyler Blackburn, Matt Hoffman, Cory Munsch
Women’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Danielle Kissel, Aislinn Sroczynski, Kayla Sullivan
Men’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-Americans) – Jeremy Parker, Victor Philaire, Zane Hranac, Clayton Clemens (honorable mention), Danny Duhig (honorable mention), Kyle Freudiger (honorable mention), Tommy Reminger (honorable mention)
Women’s Swimming (CSCAA Scholar All-American) – Allison Chandler, Briana Murphy, Erin Plachy, Emily Grams (honorable mention), Jesse North (honorable mention)
Tennis (ITA All-Academic) - Kelsey Matthews, Jenelle Morgan, Cameron Moskol, Viviana Tedino 

Men’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Lars Benner, Steven Dennig, Jessie Boria, Michael Zwijacz, Matt Hoffman
Women’s Cross Country (USTFCCCA All-Academic) – Danielle Kissel, Vanessa Righeimer, Ronni Mercier
Men’s Swimming – Jordan Augier (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Karl Burdis (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Philip Nordenberg (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Jeremy Parker (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Damen Pfeiffer (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Scott Nocco (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American)
Women’s Swimming – Alex Hipolito (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Erin Plachy (CSCAA first-team Scholar All-American), Lisa Bero (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American), Emily Grams (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American), Allison Noe (CSCAA honorable mention Scholar All-American)
Tennis (ITA Scholar-Athlete) - Thashia Garcia, Kelsey Matthews, Katherine Pyne, Viviana Tedino, Meg Wladimirski

Women’s Soccer – Courtney Peffley (NSCAA Scholar All-Region second team)
Swimming - Alexandria Greenhill (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Alex Hipolito (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Kristine Kassl (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Erin Plachy (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Karl Burdis (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Felipe Manzo (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Josh Werner (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Emily Grams (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Briana Murphy (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Jordan Augier (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Max Coulls (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American), Scott Nocco (CSCAA Honorable Mention Scholar All-American)

Men’s Cross Country – Chris Rego (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Charles Toledo (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michael Zwijacz (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Women’s Cross Country – Rose Bishop (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jess Butler (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Katie O’Brien (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Softball - Katie Bannon, Kayleen Boatwright, Chelsey Brooks, Meagan Burke, Stacy Piagno, Brie Walton

Men’s Cross Country – Kevin Lane (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jeremy Lautzenheiser (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Lewis Price (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Women’s Cross Country – Lindsay Edwards (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kelly Hagan (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Men’s Soccer – Ryan Griffin (NSCAA Scholar All-Region first team), Karl Swan (NSCAA Scholar All-Region second team)

Men's Cross Country - Steve Cain (USTFCCA All-Academic), Chris Catanach (USTFCCA All-Academic), Lewis Price (USTFCCA All-Academic)
Women's Cross Country - Jess Butler (USTFCCA All-Academic), Alysha Duffy (USTFCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCA All-Academic), Kaia Hampton (USTFCCA All-Academic), Sarah Nelson (USTFCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCA All-Academic), Paige Williams (USTFCCA All-Academic)
Track – Jess Butler (USTFCCCA All-Academic)

Cross Country – Alysha Duffy (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jessica Forrester (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michelle Gabrielle (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Sarah Nelson (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Heather Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Kevin Lane (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jeremy Lautzenheiser (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic)
Men’s Soccer – Ryan Maxwell (NSCAA Scholar All-America)
Swimming - Roman Dagesh (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Tyler Furrer (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Patrick Murray (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Michael Verdi (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Stephanie Branham (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Dana Glodek (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Hannah Hudson (CSCAA Scholar All-American), Jennifer Jenkins (CSCAA Scholar All-American)

Cross Country - Laura Woznicki (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Paige Williams (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Jessica Forrester (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Alysha Duffy (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Julia Vola (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Michelle Gabrielle (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Dara Fox (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Tony Nicolosi (USTFCCCA All-Academic), Chris Catanach (USTFCCCA All-Academic)

Cross Country - Kimberly Dunker (USTFCCA All-Academic), Erin Heeder (USTFCCA All-Academic), Allison Macsas (USTFCCA All-Academic), Laura Woznicki (USTFCCA All-Academic)